Detective Comics #1000 Mike Mayhew Ultimate Edition

Detective Comics #1000 Mike Mayhew Ultimate Edition

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Available in a trade dress variant HERE.

Virgin Ultimate CBCS 9.8 Edition

In honor of Batman’s 80th anniversary we are proud to present the ultimate edition limited to 180 individually numbered CBCS 9.8 color virgin non-signed copies.

As with all our ultimate editions, CBCS will take possession of every copy ordered and received by us, verify the numbers, and permanently dispose of any overage in excess of the 180 9.8 copies. The CBCS label will contain language verifying that this has occurred.

In addition, each ultimate edition will come with an initial concept pencil sketch certificate for free, signed and numbered by Mike Mayhew, commemorating the release of this historic issue. This item will be separate from the ultimate edition and will not be encapsulated in the CBCS case.

It is important to note that DC at its sole discretion may choose to distribute complimentary copies of the virgin editon to individuals who worked on this book. These copies are outside the scope of this offering and COULD make their way into the marketplace.