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10/16/2019 POSTAL TP VOL 03 (MR)

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(W) Hill, Bryan Edward (C) Goodhart, Isaac
StockID: 126291 Diamond#: SEP190076

Mark Shiffron can protect his innocence or he can protect the small town he's always known. He can't do both. When a seductive- new resident uses brutal violence to bring Mark closer to her- Mark may have to sacrifice his own goodness to protect the people and the place he loves. He won't have much time because a new FBI agent has come to Wyoming- intent on understanding Eden's secrets in order to bring the whole town to justice- starting with Mark's fugitive father: Issac Shiffron...but Mark's father- as always- has dark plans of his own- plans that will push Mark beyond the threshold of good and evil- changing him forever. Collects POSTAL #9-12.