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11/13/2019 DOLLHOUSE FAMILY #1 (OF 6) (MR)

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(W) Carey, Mike (A) Gross, Peter (C) Dalva, Jessica
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On Alice's sixth birthday- her dying great-aunt sent her the birthday gift she didn't know she always wanted: a big- beautiful 19th-century dollhouse- complete with a family of antique dolls. In no time at all- the dollhouse isn't just Alice's favorite's her whole world. And soon- young Alice learns she can enter the house to visit a new group of friends- straight out of a heartwarming children's novel: the Dollhouse family. But while the Dollhouse family welcome her with open arms- in the real world- her family life is becoming much more complicated...and deep within the Dollhouse's twisting halls- the black room waits- with an offer to Alice. The house can fix all this- the black room says. All she has to do is say the words... Longtime collaborators Mike Carey and Peter Gross (Lucifer- The Unwritten) are joined by Vince Locke (The Sandman)- to bring their most horrifying vision yet to Hill House Comics-a story that echoes into centuries past- into Alice's tormented future- and into the beating heart of the madness that makes up our world...literally. Plus- in chapter two of the 'Sea Dogs' backup story written by Joe Hill- spymaster Benjamin Tallmadge's monstrous scheme is underway as his coerced crew of bloodthirsty colonial lycanthropes prepare to gut the Royal Navy from within!