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11/13/2019 OMNI #4 (MR)

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OMNI #4 (MR)
(W) Grayson, Devin (A) Martinez, Alitha
StockID: 128052 Diamond#: SEP191837

What would you do if you were suddenly handed the reins to a multi-billion dollar NGO? That's the question facing Cecelia as she takes her seat as the CEO of OMNI- the world's first nonprofit dedicated to the education- safety- and well-being of Earth's emerging population of Ignited. As new Ignited continue to appear- it's up to Cecelia to frame the growing debate around Earth's new super-powered beings. Are they a threat to humanity- or its last hope? These are some of the many burning questions Cecelia Cobbina has to answer as the first OMNI story arc concludes this month!