Amazing Spider-Man #797 Retail Editions - Red Goblin

Amazing Spider-Man #797 Retail Editions - Red Goblin

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We saw Osborn get the Carnage symbiote, but when does he actually become Red Goblin?

There are two gorgeous retail covers, a Ross and a Crain. There's also a 1:10 ratio variant which hasn't been revealed yet.

The 5 issue connecting set only has 1 cover released so far.

This is a preorder. Release is March 7th and raw books will ship approximately a week later. Shipping credits will be issued at the time of shipping for multiple orders containing books shipping at the same time. CGC editions will be submitted using Fast Track turnaround. 

Except for CGC offerings, I can't guarantee grades on ratio variants, but if there is significant damage, I will offer a refund.