Cult of Carnage #1 Skan Variant

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Trade dress is limited to 3,000 copies available for purchase in total across all partner sites

Virgin is limited to 800 copies available for purchase in total across all partner sites. Each will come with individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

Ultimate Package: CBCS 9.8 Ultimate Glass Smashed Edition (limited to 166 individually numbered CBCS 9.8 copies) PLUS NON GRADED trade/virgin set.

As with all our ultimate editions, CBCS will take possession of the entirety of the print run received by us, corroborate the numbers, and permanently dispose of any and all overage in excess of the 166 9.8 copies. Language reflecting that this has occurred will be on each label.

The publisher may at their sole discretion choose to distribute comp copies to those who worked on this project. These copies could make their way into the market place and are beyond the scope of this offering.

PLEASE NOTE: Virgin and trade in the Ultimate package will ship when the Ultimates are ready to ship unless you have other orders shipping first, then I will include the raw virgin and trade with your other orders.