Essessa #1 Mike Choi Variant

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PLEASE NOTE: This book will go on sale to the general public April 6th at 11:30 PST / 2:30 EST. Members of our Facebook group, found HERE, will have access a half hour earlier. Prior to the on sale time, this listing will read as "SOLD OUT".

Dive into the history of Asunda before HBO launches their next fantasy franchise.

Asunda's fallen paladin jumps from the pages of Niobe and The Untamed into her own series, and when her origins are revealed, it changes everything for hero and villain alike. 

With a beautifully painted cover by Mike Choi, this variant is limited to 250 virgin copies and 500 trades. Books are also available signed by creators Sebastian Jones, Joshua Cozine, and Darrell May.

These books are in hand and look fantastic. Copies will be submitted to CGC, and they are available for preorder in 9.8 blue label and 9.6 or better yellow label Signature Series with Jones, Cozine, and May.