Ghost Spider #1 Mayhew Homage Variant Exclusive - LTD to 600

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Spider-Man No More?

How about Spider-Gwen No More.

Mike Mayhew delivers another stunning homage cover complete with homage trade dress and it's limited to 600 copies.

There is also a modern trade dress version with an art change to the background limited to 1000.

Both books are available in CGC yellow label either signed or signed with remark. These have a 9.6 or better guarantee because of the limited number that Mike will be signing and remarking. We will do everything we can however to fill orders with 9.8s.

We also have ratio variants available at the link below.

Books will ship once we have in hand, which is usually about a week and a half after the release date, but please be warned that there is a possibility that the print run will not meet our grade expectations, in which case, we may have to wait on a Marvel reprint.