Mace Windu #1 40th Anniversary Variant (#30/48)

Mace Windu #1 40th Anniversary Variant (#30/48)

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Star Wars 40th Anniversary Variant cover (#30/48) by Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson featuring Princess Leia.

PLEASE NOTE: After FOC, Marvel changed this from a 1:25 ratio variant to a qualifying variant, which means that if you order a certain % more than you ordered of another book, you can order as many copies as you want. Not every store will have this as Marvel only gave retailers 2 business days to adjust their orders to the qualifying numbers and put in the orders for this book, and the only notification they gave was a text blurb in a large email dealing with many Marvel topics. I'm still getting it, but I have adjusted the price.

This is a PREORDER. Marvel has pushed the release date from August 23rd to August 30th. Books will ship out approximately a week later.

Please note, if you order multiple items on the same order, they will be held until all items are ready to ship.