Rick & Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons #4 Mike Vasquez Exclusive - LTD 500

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Apparently, Eye Hole Man did not fare well after we saw him on the cover of Issue 3, because now the beholder is after the rest of our party.

Mike Vasquez delivers again.

This is limited to just 500 total copies split between my store and my retail partners in Canada and the UK.

As I am an online store, I'm also partnering with NJOY Comics here in LA to have Mike Vasquez do an in store signing, so we have signed and remarked copies available as well. Remarks will be small line art character heads. This signing will be witnessed so CGC 9.8 yellow labels are available.

There are 2 ratio variants for this issue, one by Mike Vasquez, both available HERE.

And we have a Vasquez variant for issue 3 and several other Rick & Morty issues available HERE.