Star Wars #38 Chechetto Variant

Star Wars #38 Chechetto Variant

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This is a preorder. It will ship approximately a week after release.

This is also available in a 5 variant discounted bundle - forget Cyber Monday, we're doing Cyber Month.

There are 3 options (click to view):

Star Wars #38 Chechetto Variant
Captain Phasma #1 Rahzzah Variant
Mace Windu #1 1:10 Variant (CHOICE OF 3 - Homage, Movie, or Rahzzah)
Astonishing X-Men #1 Granov Trade Dress Variant
Dark Nights: Metal #1 Blank Variant

Limited supply for $25 plus $5 shipping, even though it will cost more than that to ship. So if you're buying the Star Wars #38 variant, you will only be paying $15 more, shipping included, to get 4 more variants worth over $40.

Bundle buyers will also get early access to preorder Dark Nights Metal #4.